Are there any autistic AMAB trans/nb/gq people out there willing to help a sister out?


A long time ago I was diagnosed with having some Aspergers traits. This was waaaay before I started having feelings about being trans. Now after attempting to come out for the first time, my mother is using my possession of these traits to call intro question the validity of my being trans.
When I spoke to my psychiatrist recently, she suggested I try to reach out into this community I’ve found and see if anyone else diagnosed with autism had it used to question the validity of their gender identity. Could anybody out there possibly help out?

hey i had to move this to a sideblog because my mom follows my main.

im not autistic but i’m bipolar, and in the past my mom used that as the reason i felt genderfluid (saying that my mood changes are connected to my gender or whatever). the problem went away when i decided my gender wasn’t fluid, but for a while it felt like i wasnt allowed to be sure of my gender because it was just a side effect of mental illness. hope this helps or something? again sorry for suspicious hoarded url, but i couldnt find your ask box. (my main is